Quality Installation Services, Inc. was started on March 23, 1994. James Nelson, the President and founder, had 17 years of experience of installing with office furniture companies before embarking on the adventure of owning his own business. He wanted his company to focus on the needs of the customer. He wanted the customer to have a stress free experience. The quality of the work had to exceed the customer's expectation.

Don't risk having to take time off for stress related symptoms after a major project or move. Let experienced professionals assist you in making your project or move a glowing success, not a nerve-racking experience. We will do the job right the first time and complete it on time, barring factors over which we have no control. If there is a problem, you have our assurance it will be handled promptly and at no expense to you.

Each customer is unique and special to us and is treated as such. You and your satisfaction are the most important part of our business.

If you are looking for a company that provides high quality service at a competitive price, look no more. You have found it. Please contact us to obtain any additional information or references you might require. We look forward to discussing your office furniture support needs with you.

Two of the most prevalent words in business are quality and service. We believe in both of these concepts so fiercely, we are almost fanatical about providing them to our customers. Take notice that both of these words are very prominent in the name of our company. We take great care and pride in our work. We always strive to produce the results our customers desire.

James H. Nelson